About Brandforging


Brandforging is a proprietary process we developed at our agency Storyforge, to discover and articulate a company’s purpose, develop a differentiated brand position and create a lasting legacy for the stakeholders it serves. It creates a long-term growth plan for a company built on alignment, relevance, and purpose.

We believe fundamentally that the most successful companies – and the happiest teams – are built on something more than profit; they are built on a shared and meaningful purpose and are deliberate in aligning purpose, people and processes with it. We know that when they are, and they do, profit follows.

We’ve created Brandforging.co as a free daily resource to share our findings and observations, inspire change and educate and encourage brands to achieve their intended purpose and to change the world, because that’s our purpose too.

If this is your first time here and you are looking for a plan to grow your company, we recommend these articles to get started:


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