How Come My Team Doesn’t Get It

In Beliefs & Philosophy, Leadership, Purpose, Mission & Values

How often have you wondered how an employee could possibly have made a decision the way they did?

How many times have you had to intervene on a decision or discussion? How is it that your team just doesn’t “get it?”

Here’s why it happens and here’s how you can change that so everyone and everything is moving in the same direction.

Barry Chandler is the co-founder of Storyforge, a strategy company focused on helping companies discover their purpose, forging their unique story, building preference and driving margin.

Barry has been building award-winning businesses since launching his first company in Ireland in 2003. His last company, a digital marketing agency, was acquired in 2012 by a California-based publicly traded entertainment company which then hired him as Chief Marketing Officer. It is his belief that the greatest brands seek to change the world, improving the lives of their associates, partners, and customers.