Brand Beliefs and Philosophy Roundup: 4 Must Read Lessons

In Beliefs & Philosophy

Tune in every week for a roundup of hand-picked brand lessons, tips and advice that can be applied to your brand.

Why You Should Get Rid of Your Tagline Today
I despise taglines. In fact, I despise all kinds of tags: new clothes tags, gift tags, even skin tags. What is a tag? Something that is rarely wanted by the owner or recipient; something often thrown away or removed and that holds no real value. Read More >

How White Castle Profits from Nourishing the Soul
Despite having more than 420 locations and grossing more than $600m/year in revenue, White Castle are keen to share that they are not in the burger business, which is made evident in their purpose, quoted above. Instead, they are in the business of nourishing souls. They do this by building community, maintaining quality and giving back to their communities. Serving burgers happens to be one way they nourish their customers’ needs, but it’s not the only way. Read More >

How to Determine Whether Your Brand Lacks Purpose
Purpose-driven businesses are aligned with the agenda of humanity’s ever evolving and complex needs, which means tending to space that will never be filled. What an opportunity! Read More >

The Secret to Discovering the Business You’re In
Years ago, working with a national fashion retailer, I was asked to address an area of growing concern: There was a general consensus at the leadership level that significant change initiatives over the years had eroded employee understanding of the company’s vision and values. They worried that people didn’t really know what business they were in, and that this lack of understanding was leading to issues of disengagement and turnover. Read More >

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