Brand Strategy Roundup: 5 Must Read Lessons

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The Secret to Minimizing Business Risk
Far outpacing financial reporting, legal/compliance and operating issues as a cause, a whopping 86 percent of losses in market value came from strategic risks. And compounding the problem, 60 percent of corporate strategy officers said that decision-making in their companies “was too slow, in part because of an excessive focus on preventing risk.” Read More>

4 Brand Strategy Lessons From Donald Trump
Love him or hate him, The Donald knows how to do one thing very well; he knows how to build a brand. A fixture of the Manhattan real estate world since the early 80’s, he has managed to reinvent himself time and time again, appealing to different audiences in the process. From his well-known (and branded) buildings to his years as the star of The Apprentice to his clothing lines, golf courses and planes, long before he had political designs, the outspoken, larger than life personality has made sure we know who he is. Read More >

Purpose Before Strategy: Changing Course to Stay Alive
It is easy to lock into a strategy and feel compelled to stick with it, no matter what comes. It fact, it can feel virtuous. But it is important to remember that strategy is simply a means to an end. What we should be more concerned with is where we are headed – and our purpose in going there. Read More >

The Key to Speed: the 3 Ps of Alignment
Without alignment, we are slow at best, and at worst can come to great harm. But with alignment we can accelerate growth, drive successful change and ultimately increase happiness. There are 3 Ps in aligning for speed. Read More >

Growth Demands Change: 3 Steps to Forge Your Story
As human beings, our lives are about change. From the moment we are born, we change, grow, move and evolve. If we do not, we atrophy and die. And the same holds true for business. Growth demands change. Can you think of a business that has not changed and been successful over time? I bet you can think of many who did not. Read More>

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