Growth is Change

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Growth DEMANDS change because growth IS change.

We know this. As human beings, our lives are about change. From the moment we are born, we change, grow, move and evolve. If we do not change, what happens? We atrophy and die.

And the same holds true for business.

Can you think of a business that has not changed and been successful over time? I bet you can think of many who did not.

Change is inevitable. Change is hard. Change is necessary. Universal truths every business leader knows and must consider. And yet, these truths do not alter one other important factor in preparing for change. Most people fear it.

How you as a business leader prepare for and manage through change will make the difference. There are three steps you can take to prepare to change successfully.

Haley Boehning, Co-Founder and Principal of Storyforge, believe there’s a fundamental disconnect between how we build + market our businesses and what our customers, employees and stakeholders truly care about. The world’s most loved and most profitable companies have figured this out, and she’s spent years studying how and why.