Organization and Strengths Roundup: 4 Must Read Brand Lessons

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Tune in every week for a roundup of hand-picked brand lessons, tips and advice that can be applied to your brand.

The First Step to Attracting Amazing Talent
It’s an employee’s market today. Businesses are scrambling to appeal to the best and the brightest talent before they are snapped up by competitors. A recent study undertaken by the Columbus Chamber of Commerce (a client) of their business members found that one of the greatest challenges facing these businesses was finding and retaining the right talent. A Time magazine article highlighted the skills shortage recently by saying:

“Many tech executives — starting with the late Steve Jobs — have argued that there aren’t enough American-born math and science graduates to fill the engineering jobs in Silicon Valley’s booming economy, and thus we need to attract, and keep, the best and brightest foreign-born workers. A recent study by the consulting firm McKinsey found that 45% of U.S. employers surveyed say that a “skills shortage” is a leading reason for entry-level vacancies. In a widely discussed 2011 Wall Street Journal article, Marc Andreessen, arguably Silicon Valley’s top venture capitalist, wrote that “every company I work with is absolutely starved for talent.”

The Two Essential Leadership Roles Every Great Brand Needs
The greatest brands in the world are inexorably linked to their visionary founders or leaders. You can’t think of Apple without thinking of Steve, Facebook without Mark or Google without Larry and Sergey. These visionaries all saw something no-one else saw, dreamed bigger than anyone who came before them and created opportunities where none had previously existed. Through their great vision and purpose, each of these leaders inspired thousands of employees and millions of customers with their revolutionary ideas and promise of something greater. Read More > 

How to Use Challenge to Get Results
“Would you rather live in a world safe from challenge, or one where you feel safe to be challenged?”

Five Steps to a Healthy Ecosystem for Your Business
The earth is covered in ecosystems, each a complex natural relationship between the plants, animals, microorganisms and their natural environment. Wetlands, rain forests, prairies and ponds … Regardless of the type of environment, in all healthy, biodiverse ecosystems each living organism is interconnected. When ecosystems function as a unit they maintain balance in all these relationships, are healthy and sustainable. When they do not – or when some external force throws them out of balance – they suffer, and sometimes die. Read More > 

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