The Marketing Strategy That Makes Us Fall In Love With Apple

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We’re all familiar with the fables of Steve Jobs and his ability to be both divisive and genius at the same time. We’re familiar with the rise of Apple and its uncanny ability to own any category it decides to enter, generating tremendous profits along the way. Many office walls are adorned with his famous speech about “the crazy ones…”

What we may not be as familiar with is the marketing strategy that has driven innovation and disruption in Cupertino for so long. Jobs notoriously hated marketers and advertisers but he had a marketing strategy. It was simple, it was genius and it is replicable in your business.

In this video we share some early footage of Steve Jobs talking about this strategy.

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Barry Chandler is the co-founder of Storyforge, a strategy company focused on helping companies discover their purpose, forging their unique story, building preference and driving margin.

Barry has been building award winning businesses since launching his first company in Ireland in 2003. His last company, a digital marketing agency, was acquired in 2012 by a California-based publicly traded entertainment company which then hired him as Chief Marketing Officer. It is his belief that the greatest brands seek to change the world, improving the lives of their associates, partners, and customers.