Brand Goals Roundup: 4 Must Read Lessons

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Tune in every week for a roundup of hand-picked brand lessons, tips and advice that can be applied to your brand.

The Critical Difference Between a Purpose and a Goal
What is the difference between a purpose and a goal? Aren’t they interchangeable? The words are often used interchangeably, but we believe there is an important distinction. One proven scientifically and demonstrated again and again in the companies and leaders we work with. Read More >

Growth Demands Change: Three Steps to Forge Your Story
As human beings our lives are about change. From the moment we are born, we change, grow, move and evolve. If we do not, we atrophy and die. And the same holds true for business. Growth demands change. Can you think of a business that has not changed and has been successful over time? I bet you can think of many that did not. Read More >

“Preference” & the World’s Greatest Hoodie
“Preference” is the holy grail of marketing. Preference means that your customers will demand your product even if it’s more expensive, more difficult to obtain and even causes a little inconvenience in the process.

Emotions Influence What We Buy, so It’s Time to Market That Way
Simon Sinek delivers this message beautifully in his well-circulated TED talk: Start With Why. His argument is that people don’t buy what you do or how you do it, they buy why you do it. Many businesses continue to think about product features (the what) and how it works (the how) rather than the way the product might make a difference to the customer’s life (the why). Read More >

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