Brand Purpose, Mission and Values Roundup: 4 Must Read Lessons

In Purpose, Mission & Values

Tune in every week for a roundup of hand-picked brand lessons, tips and advice that can be applied to your brand.

The Critical Difference Between a Purpose and a Goal
What is the difference between a purpose and a goal? Aren’t they interchangeable? The words are often used interchangeably, but we believe there is an important distinction. One proven scientifically and demonstrated again and again in the companies and leaders we work with. Read More >

How the Most Successful Companies Continuously Outperform the Competition
Here’s the big idea: There is a fundamental disconnect between the way we build and market our businesses and what our customers, employees and stakeholders truly care about. As a result, most businesses are lost in a sea of sameness, spending money on advertising that doesn’t resonate and messages that will never connect. Read More >

Why Your Business Is a Person (To Your Customers)
Is a business an inanimate object or a social being?

On its face, it sounds like a ridiculous question. Isn’t a corporation simply a piece of paper filed in Delaware? Just a physical entity or the sum of all the 10-Ks and 10-Qs filed on its behalf? In what ways could a corporation possibly be considered a social being? Read More >

Why Chasing Profit Alone Doesn’t Work
Since the industrial revolution, companies have been focused on profit and often profit alone, selling more “whats” to more “whos” while believing that a day’s pay was enough to keep employees motivated and productive. [INFOGRAPHIC] Read More >

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