Brand Purpose Roundup: 4 Must Read Lessons

In Purpose, Mission & Values

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2 Conditions for Passion to Create Results
If we are lucky, we have a career or a vocation (a trade or profession that we are skilled at or trained to do). Sometimes we also have an avocation (something we enjoy and do as a hobby). When we are very fortunate (or perhaps very intentional) our avocation and vocation can be one in the same. Read More >

Purpocracy – The Business Hierarchy of The Future
As quickly as business models and methodologies have evolved over the past few hundred years, so too have styles of management. The industrial revolution brought mechanization to allow workers to produce more “whats” for more “who’s” and leading these factories and industries were powerful men (almost exclusively men) who led with fear and punishment. It was their way or the highway. This Autocracy reigned for as long as the power was held by the powerful few. Read More >

Purpose: the Glue Between Work and Life
Zappos is known for their maniacal focus on great service. But they are also known for their quirky culture and great benefits. Business leaders regularly study what they do and how they do it. Recently, Mr. Hsieh has implemented some controversial approaches in an effort to restore the close-knit community environment Zappos’ success was built on … and that many (including Hsieh) believe has been lost as they’ve grown. Read More >

Surviving the WTF Economy
Speaking at economic think tank The American Enterprise Institute in 2014, Bill Gates made the following prediction:

“Software substitution, whether it’s for drivers or waiters or nurses … it’s progressing…  Technology over time will reduce demand for jobs, particularly at the lower end of skill set. …  20 years from now, labor demand for lots of skill sets will be substantially lower.I don’t think people have that in their mental model.” Read More >

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