Conscious Capitalism’s Most Egregious Myth #1

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If you told 20-year old me that I’d grow up to be a capitalist I would have told you you were out of your mind. I wanted to “fight the good fight” and I was sure that Capitalism (yep, capital ‘C’) was the exact opposite of that. But since then I’ve had some insights and realized that business can be a great source of good the world. IF it’s practiced differently than 20-year old me ever imagined possible.

The work we do at Storyforge aligns well with Conscious Capitalism. So much so that my partner Barry and I co-founded a chapter here in Columbus. We are getting the Ohio chapters together next week (details in the comments below) so in honor of that I’m sharing the biggest myths about the philosophy, stating with this: Egregious Myth #1

Haley Boehning, Co-Founder and Principal of Storyforge, believe there’s a fundamental disconnect between how we build + market our businesses and what our customers, employees and stakeholders truly care about. The world’s most loved and most profitable companies have figured this out, and she’s spent years studying how and why.