What Is An Entrepreneur?

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Even for experienced entrepreneurs, the urgent can overshadow the important.

The pressing operational pressures and demands of the day seem paramount, and distract from what’s really essential to long-term growth ands sustainability.

Growth and success does not diminish this problem, it exasperates it.

To avoid it, we have to go back to the root of what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Of what it really means to have a vision. To found something, launch an idea untested and risk it all to see it through.

For two days in Columbus, Ohio this month Barry Chandler and I will be helping a small group of entrepreneurs and business owners leave the urgent behind for two days and focus on the important.

We will work together to get the clarity, the answers, the story, the message, the alignment needed to maximize impact.

I’d love to see if it’s a fit for you: https://www.storyforge.biz

Haley Boehning, Co-Founder and Principal of Storyforge, believe there’s a fundamental disconnect between how we build + market our businesses and what our customers, employees and stakeholders truly care about. The world’s most loved and most profitable companies have figured this out, and she’s spent years studying how and why.