Why We Think Companies Fail And The Real Reason They Do

In Brand Strategy, Purpose, Mission & Values

Business failure statistics and the accompanying reasons that justify these failures overlook the deeper reasons that businesses fail. We hear, all too often, that they run out of cash, or competition was too tough, or there just weren’t any good staff to be found.

The reality of course, is that these are symptoms of a problem, not causes. Rescuing the business would have required addressing the problem and root causes that resulted in an inability to compete, attract the right staff and maintain cash flow.

In this video, we’ll talk about the disconnect between symptoms and root causes and how you can address these issues in your business to ensure a longer-term solution.

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Barry Chandler is the co-founder of Storyforge, a strategy company focused on helping companies discover their purpose allowing them to achieve their vision, build preference and drive margin. Barry has been building award winning businesses since launching his first company in Ireland in 2003. His last company, a digital marketing agency, was acquired in 2012 by a California-based publicly traded entertainment company which then hired him as Chief Marketing Officer. It is his belief that the greatest brands seek to change the world, improving the lives of their associates, partners, and customers.