Intern Week: How Businesses Can Discover Their Purpose

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Welcome to Intern Week! Dhillon Welsh, our summer intern at Storyforge, had some questions about the company, the work we do, and the details surrounding our process. Instead of just giving him the answer in passing, we’ve taken the opportunity to record the questions, and give you more insight into our business.

Episode 6: How Businesses Can Discover Their Purpose

Join Haley Boehning in episode six of our ten-part, “Intern Week”, mini-series. Previously this week, Barry discussed the nature of Storyforge as a purpose agency. Today, Haley explores how Storyforge helps clients to discover their purpose.

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Haley Boehning is the co-founder of Storyforge. Haley leverages 25 years of brand and strategic communications experience – most recently as vice president of internal communications at L Brands – to create relevant, consistent and emotionally compelling messages that help brand and culture triumph in times of great change.